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Anabolic Diet

Unlike the high carb diet that can work against the body’s system of growth producing hormones, the Anabolic Diet maximizes the production and utilization of the Big 3 growth producers — testosterone, growth hormone and insulin — and does it naturally. It also shifts the body’s metabolism from that of…

Integrative Metabolism and Nutrition

Nutrition is the key to metabolism. The pathways of metabolism rely upon nutrients that they breakdown in order to produce energy. This energy in turn is required by the body to synthesize molecules like new proteins and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) Certification Academy Europe presents high-quality formal diplomas, certificates and e-certificates which are formal proof and…

Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing is a recreation game for lovers of adventure. It got its origin over the ice rinks of mountains covered by snow. It attracts mostly those people who are drawn to fast gliding and top speeds, which in this case can touch nearly 130kmph. This game is played for…


Diving is an adventurous water sport in which a player has to jump into the swimming pool from a height from a springboard. While jumping, the player is required to perform various acrobatic skills in the air. This tutorial will guide you in understanding the necessary rules and etiquettes of…

Discus Throw

Discus Throw is a game of projection and distance, just like javelin and hammer throw. Here an athlete needs to throw a circular object called discus into the air to land it inside a prescribed area. The discus is thrown within a circle with a single hand. This tutorial will help you…


Darts is a game of aiming in which individual skill of a person is challenged, developed and displayed continuously. It is not only used for amusement in sports or pub but also played as an international sport among various countries. Through this tutorial we have tried to give an overall…

Bijapur Fort History

Bijapur fort was built by Yusuf Adil Shah who belonged to the Adil Shahi dynasty that ruled Bijapur for about 200 years. In this period, many other monuments besides the fort were built inside the city. Prior to Adil Shahi dynasty, Bijapur was ruled by Kalyani Chalukyas and in their…


Cycling is a very old sport where two or more individuals fix a source and a destination and whoever reaches the destination in minimum time is a winner. Now there many variants of this race has been made and racers can accordingly choose the variant in which they want to…

Enzymes Basics

Enzymes are built of proteins folded into complicated shapes; they are present throughout the body. … A substrate binds to the active site of an enzyme and is converted into products. Once the products leave the active site, the enzyme is ready to attach to a new substrate and repeat the process. Certification Academy Europe…