Scalable Lifelong Learning for All

Academy Europe applies high quality video contents, TTS technology, artificial intelligence presentations, best quality images, actual academic resources, e-books and timely updated publications.

While Academy Europe currently provides approximately over two thousand free courses, our aim is to provide 500’s of thousands of high-quality free courses in the years ahead. We aim to create “verticals” of learning on every subject, from elementary, beginners, intermediate, proficiency to advanced learning so that anyone can educate themselves on a subject at whatever level they chose.

Similarly, peer to peer learning one to one, face to face is hard to completely replace online. For advanced learning, personal tutoring is often essential.

As opposed to traditional schooling environments, online diploma courses offer students the opportunity to interact with each other in a web-based environment. Additionally, they help both students and teachers transcend physical boundaries and engage in meaningful exchange of information. This fosters a more wholesome learning process that is not only more flexible and convenient but also much more affordable when compared with traditional schooling.