Academy Europe offers formal diplomas, certificates and e-certificates as depending on course programs. It shows all student’s abilities to learn and achieve high results and is very useful to promote personal career including with CVs, job applications and self improvements. Academy Europe presents high-quality printed diplomas and certificates which are formal proof and recognition of accredited online courses.


Certification refers formal proof of accredited courses with prepared high quality diplomas and certificates. Academy Europe applies 4 most important standards for prepared every diploma and certificate.

  • Unique Paper
  • Seals
  • Lettering & Ink
  • Signatures

Unique Paper

Academy Europe only uses the highest quality of PAPER STOCK when producing its diplomas and certificates. The paper quality is similar to the type used by official European Universities. We have a wide selection of diploma papers available, from archival grade to the most popular and widely used stationery. For archival grade paper we are using,  it is made with at least 20% cotton, or acid free and premium virgin pulps that meet ISO 9706, requirements for permanence. Those paper has a life expectancy of at least 500 years for average grades. The high quality furnish of this type of paper give a very pleasant touch! Our papers are made in Germany.





Academy Europe seals have its emblem. The seal proves diploma and certificate officially. Seals are almost always gold, silver, red, green  and  blue can vary wildly in types of material used. Our seal is incredibly intricate and completely customized to the Academy Europe.




Lettering & Ink

Academy Europe applies best printing technique , the areas selected to display the raised effect are printed with slow-drying inks. These inks thermoghy-300x60exclude dryers and hardeners so that they remain wet for the application of thermographic or embossing powder. This specific power is made from plastic resins, which sticks to the slow drying ink. Heat (900-1300 F) is applied through the use of a radiant oven for a few seconds (2-3 seconds). This melts the plastic resin powder into the ink.





Every diploma and certificate has an official signature which is sign by Academy Europe board members or program managers.