Time Management Skills

  • Instructor: Freya Hudson
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  • Duration: 10 weeks

There are several misconceptions which we all have about time. They affect everyone
including those persons who may be considered quite successful and effective. Here are
some of the misconceptions identified by Dr. Mackenzie:
· Time management is simple – all it requires is common sense. While it is true
that the concept is simple, the self-discipline required to practice effective time
management is not easy.
· Work is best performed under pressure. Psychological studies show this to be
no more than an excuse for procrastination. One does not work well under pressure
– only does the best one can under the circumstances. Pressure and challenge
must not be confused. Lara’s performance when the West Indies Team is in trouble
has more to do with application and determination rather than pressure.
· I use a diary, a to-do list and have a secretary to keep me organized. One
has to keep oneself organized – no one can do it for others. The trouble with the
disorganized person is that he hardly has time to listen to his secretary or look at
his diary.
· I do not have the time. The effective worker or manager often gets more work
done in the earlier hours of the morning than most laggards get done in the whole
day. He then no longer has to work against tight deadlines and under stress which
contributes to heart problems and not unusually the ultimate reduction of time on
this earth.
· Time management might be good for some kinds of work but my job is
creative. Time management is not about routine: it is about self-discipline. Lack of
discipline prevents one from being great instead of simply good.
· Time management takes away the fun and freedom of spontaneity. Is working
under stress, forgetting appointments, making constant excuses and apologies to
be fun? Would it not be much more fun if by better organization one had one or two
more hours every day to spend with the family, to play games, read a good book,
plan for tomorrow and the day and week after or just relax?

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