Problem Solving

Increasingly complex society structure, technological developments, political, social and
economic crises compare individuals and organizations with problem situations.
This is what we constantly encounter in our daily life and professional business life.
we need to strive to solve problems quickly and effectively. Individual
this is our happiness, our professional career, our harmony and integrity with our environment.
It is closely related to whether we can solve problems or not. Problem solving man’s knowledge, experience it is a process that must use its intuition and abilities in harmony.

Success is the problem that people face in daily life and work life.
without any prisoner, they analyze the problem with a rational approach and create the problem.
their reasons depend on their real determination and resolution. Effective and
institutions that can solve fast are the ones with the most dynamic and competitive features. Therefore
in solving the problems faced by institutions, from the contributions of employees of all levels.
should take advantage. So, the top level manager in an institution is the lowest level
the employee has to contribute to the solution of many problems within the organization.

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    There are many contemporary problem solving methods in management. The most commonly used methods will be described below.

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