International Business Management

  • Instructor: Robert Russel
  • Lectures: 26
  • Students: 4299
  • Duration: 10 weeks

International Business is a subject that teaches how to nurture a local business and make it global. It explains the business practices and strategies required to succeed in international markets. In this tutorial, it has been our endeavor to cover the multidimensional aspects of International Business in an easy-to-understand manner.


This course is specially designed for the students of Management, Commerce, Human Resources, Marketing, and Business Law.


To understand this tutorial, it is advisable to have a foundation level knowledge of business and management studies. However, general students who wish to get a brief overview International business may find it quite useful.

  • International Business Ecosphere 0/4

  • International Trade 0/7

  • Strategic Approaches 0/6

  • Business Operations 0/5

  • Miscellaneous 0/4

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