Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is the next big thing in the Digital Marketing world. For any product marketer, it becomes a task to achieve efficient data from the product blog/website. When it comes to the data, there are multiple product marketing tools available. To handle these tools, Google Tag Manager provides a universal solution. This course by Academy Europe will take you through the basics of Google Tag Manager, right from the Tag formation to interacting with special functions such as Form Submission, Mouse Scroll Events, etc.

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The primary audience for this course are the product marketers. However, this course is useful for anyone working with Google Tag Manager as a part of their development assignment. With the basic introduction, product marketing enthusiasts can benefit from knowing what Google Tag Manager has to offer.


We assume that the reader has beginner’s understanding of Web/Mobile Marketing. Google Analytics knowledge is mandatory. Other than that, it is assumed that the reader is acquainted with a blog, configuring a blog and modifying the blog for enhancements.

  • Google Tag Manager - Overview 0/1

  • Google Tag Manager - Set Up 0/1

  • Google Tag Manager - Getting Started 0/1

  • Google Tag Manager - Track Tags 0/1

  • Google Tag Manager - Organize the Interface 0/1

  • Google Tag Manager - Publish a Tag 0/1

  • Google Tag Manager - The Data Layer 0/1

  • Google Tag Manager - Advanced Tracking 0/1

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