Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Instructor: Silvia Alegre
  • Lectures: 13
  • Students: 11358
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Conversion Rate Optimization, also commonly referred as CRO in short, is basically the exercise of increasing sales and prospective leads from any website. The added advantage is that it can be done without increasing the percentage of website visitors. By improving or by optimizing the website conversion rate, there is a scope to get more visitors for added activity on the website. CRO helps in attracting more clicks to your home page or website without extra expenditure. This is an introductory course by Academy Europe that covers the fundamentals of Conversion Rate Optimization and how to deal with its various components and sub-components.

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This course is prepared for those professionals who aspire to learn the fundamentals as well as the refinements of CRO and implement it in practice. Conversion Rate Optimization is a system, which helps in increasing the percentage or the number of visitors on a website that further get converted into buyers/customers. In simpler terms, to make them take any desired action on that particular web page.

This course is proposed to make you comfortable in getting started with the basics of Conversion Rate Optimization and its other functions.


It is a foundational course for the beginners and they can easily understand the concepts explained here with basic knowledge of how a company or website deals with its conversion rate and how to further optimize it. However, it will help the learners, if they have some prior exposure to website handling along with some knowledge on conducting surveys and any other marketing and strategy techniques.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization - Definition 0/1

  • Conversion Rate Optimization - Basics 0/1

  • Understanding Your Customers 0/1

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization - Plans 0/1

  • User Experience and Funnel 0/1

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  • Reducing Bounce and Exit Rates 0/1

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  • Measuring Results 0/1

  • Conversion Rate Optimization - Tips 0/1

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