Computer Logical Organization

  • Instructor: Yeonshil Park
  • Lectures: 17
  • Students: 9383
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Computer Logical Organization refers to the level of abstraction above the digital logic level, but below the operating system level. At this level, the major components are functional units or subsystems that correspond to specific pieces of hardware built from the lower level building blocks.

This course by Academy Europe gives a complete understanding on Computer Logical Organization starting from basic computer overview till its advanced architecture.

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This reference has been prepared for the students pursing either Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science to help them understand the basic-to-advanced concepts related to Computer Logical Organization.


Before you start proceeding with this course, it is made an assumption that you are already aware of basic computer concepts like what is keyboard, mouse, monitor, input, output, primary memory, secondary memory, etc.

  • Computer Logical Organization - Overview 0/1

  • Digital Number System 0/1

  • Number System Conversion 0/1

  • Binary Codes 0/1

  • Codes Conversion 0/1

  • Complement Arithmetic 0/1

  • Binary Arithmetic 0/1

  • Octal Arithmetic 0/1

  • Hexadecimal Arithmetic 0/1

  • Boolean Algebra 0/1

  • Logic Gates 0/1

  • Combinational Circuits 0/1

  • Sequential Circuits 0/1

  • Digital Registers 0/1

  • Digital Counters 0/1

  • Memory Devices 0/1

  • CPU Architecture 0/1

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