Computer Concepts

  • Instructor: Elena Nemayeva
  • Lectures: 68
  • Students: 21808
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Course on Computer Concepts is a basic course on computer literacy. This course by Academy Europe enables the learner to use computer for basic things like sending and receiving emails, browsing internet, preparing databases, making presentations, etc. This course also helps to prepare candidates for NIELIT CCC examination.

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This course by Academy Europe is designed on Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) which covers the entire updated syllabus prescribed by NIELIT. It comprises eight chapters on the fundamental concepts of computer. Each chapter provides clear idea of computer concepts in detail with the help of real time applications and screenshots. The language used in the entire course is quite simple and easy to understand. The course starts with basic concepts of computer and then explains about Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint of MS office 2013 version. In the fifth and sixth chapters, it covers knowledge about Internet usage in our day-to-day life. The application of digital financial services is discussed in the last chapter which describes the usage of internet facility in financial sectors. So anyone who wants to get basic to intermediate level knowledge on the above topics are the targeted audience for this course.


To be able to follow this course, you do not need any prior knowledge on computers. It is a basic course which starts from the fundamentals. One having basic knowledge and understanding of English language can easily complete this course.

  • Computer Concepts - Introduction to Computer 0/14

  • Introduction to GUI based Operating System 0/9

  • Elements of Word Processing 0/7

  • Computer Concepts - Spread Sheet 0/7

  • Introduction to Internet, WWW and Web Browsers 0/12

  • Communication and Collaboration 0/7

  • Application of Presentations 0/8

  • Application of Digital Financial Services 0/4

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Elena Nemayeva is an artificial intelligence instructor and digital trainer character. She is an expert in instructional design and teaching. She supplements her knowledge in E-learning and Educational Technology by using AI and TTS elements.