Communication Technologies

  • Instructor: Jonas Schneider
  • Lectures: 21
  • Students: 7388
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Exchange of information through the use of speech, signs or symbols is called communication. When early humans started speaking, some 5,00,000 years ago, that was the first mode of communication. Communication over a long distance when people who are communicating are not in direct line of each other’s site is called telecommunication.

Invention of telephone and establishment of commercial telephony in 1878 marked a turnaround in communication systems and real telecommunication was born. Telephones slowly gave way to television, videophone, satellite and finally computer networks. Computer networks have revolutionized modern day communication and communication technologies.

In this tutorial, we will discuss in detail how networks have evolved since the first network known as ARPANET. We will also discuss the hardware and software components of networking and the concept of global communication via Internet.


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This tutorial is designed for anyone who wants to understand the basic concepts of networking and how a network functions.

This course by Academy Europe aims at imparting quality education and training to students.

Academy Europe is dedicated to its students, their specific learning requirements, and their overall learning success.

This course is directed toward a student-centered, independent study, asynchronous learning approach.

After completing this course on Academy Europe, students will get self improvement  and promotion in their careers.

This course is based on at least two learning skills which are provided  to the users through audio & visuals, videos, verbal presentations and articles, all of which are asynchronized with distance education approach.


There are no prerequisites for this course except an appetite for learning how networks in general and Internet in particular operate.

Before you start proceeding with this course on Academy Europe, we are assuming that you have a good aptitude and can think logically. You should want to try something different.

Ideal candidates for the course would typically possess:

– Discipline and attentiveness

– Ability to conduct research

– Ability to perform tasks with speed, efficiency, and accuracy

– Analytical judgment

– Patience to interpret technical/scientific data

– A willingness to learn, roll up your sleeves and work toward your dream!

– A computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection

– Basic computer skills

  • Communication Technologies - Introduction 0/1

  • History Of Networking 0/1

  • Communication Technologies - Terminologies 0/1

  • Switching Techniques 0/1

  • Transmission Media 0/1

  • Network Devices 0/1

  • Network Topologies 0/1

  • Types of Networks 0/1

  • Network Protocols 0/1

  • Mobile Communication Protocols 0/1

  • Communication Technologies - Mobile 0/1

  • Email Protocols 0/1

  • Communication Technologies - VoIP 0/1

  • Wireless Technologies 0/1

  • Network Security 0/1

  • Communication Technologies - Firewall 0/1

  • Communication Technologies - Cookies 0/1

  • Communication Technologies - Hacking 0/1

  • Security Acts And Laws 0/1

  • Communication Technologies - Web Services 0/1

  • Completion of Course 0/1