Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a subject which provides concepts and insights into the development of the initial framework for any project. It holds the key to guide key stakeholders of a project to perform business modelling in a systematic manner. This course by Academy Europe provides a brief overview of the concepts of business analysis in an easy to understand manner.

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This course is meant for aspiring business analysts, and project owners or business owners, coordinators and project team members who often work closely with business analysts.

In addition, it will also be useful for anyone who is involved in capturing, writing, analyzing, or understanding requirements for Information Technology solutions, including Subject Matter Experts (SME), Business Process Managers, and Business Process Users.


To understand this course, it is advisable to have a foundation level knowledge of business scenarios, process and domain knowledge pertaining to a few industries.

  • Business Analysis - Introduction 0/1

  • Software Development Life Cycle 0/1

  • Business Analysis - Roles 0/1

  • Business Analysis - Tools and Techniques 0/1

  • Business Analysis - JAD Session 0/1

  • Requirement Gathering Techniques 0/1

  • Functional Requirements Document 0/1

  • Software Requirements Specification 0/1

  • Business Analysis - Use-Cases 0/1

  • Use-Case Diagrams 0/1

  • Business Analysis - Requirements Management 0/1

  • Planning Good Requirements 0/1

  • Business Analysis - Modelling 0/1

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