Apache Camel

  • Instructor: Yeonshil Park
  • Lectures: 10
  • Students: 701
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Apache Camel is an open source framework that provides rule-based routing and mediation engine. Apache Camel essentially provides an implementation of various EIPs. It makes integration easier by providing connectivity to a very large variety of transports and APIs. For example, you can easily route JMS to JSON, JSON to JMS, HTTP to JMS, FTP to JMS, even HTTP to HTTP, and connectivity to Microservices. You simply need to provide appropriate endpoints at both ends. Camel is extensible and thus in future more endpoints can be added easily to the framework.

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This course by Academy Europe has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand the basic functionality of Apache Camel.


For this course, we assume the readers to have prior knowledge of basic software development using Java or any other programming language.

  • Apache Camel - Introduction 0/1

  • Apache Camel - Overview 0/1

  • Apache Camel - Features 0/1

  • Apache Camel - Architecture 0/1

  • Apache Camel - CamelContext 0/1

  • Apache Camel - Endpoints 0/1

  • Apache Camel - Components 0/1

  • Apache Camel - Message Queues 0/1

  • Apache Camel - Project 0/1

  • Apache Camel - Using with Spring 0/1

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