A/B Software Testing

  • Instructor: Mehmet Cem Demir
  • Lectures: 13
  • Quizzes: 1
  • Students: 813
  • Duration: 10 weeks

A/B Testing is one of the best way to compare two or more versions of an application or a web page. It enables you to determine which one of them performs better and can generate better conversion rates. It is one of the easiest ways to analyze an application or a web page to create a new version that is more effective. This is a brief course by Academy Europe that covers the fundamentals of A/B Testing with suitable examples to illustrate how you can put it into practice.

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This course has been designed to suit the requirements of all those professionals who are working in the software testing domain. It provides sufficient insight into the concepts of A/B Testing and how you can apply it to perform data analysis and maximize the conversion ratio of any website.


We assume that the readers of this course have basic knowledge of HTML and some experience of handling a website. In addition, it is going to help if the readers have an elementary knowledge of Data Analysis and Conversion ratio of websites and mobile applications.

  • A/B Testing – Overview 0/1

  • A/B Testing – How it Works 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Why to Use? 0/1

  • A/B Testing – What to Test? 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Process 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Collect Data 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Identify Goals 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Create Variations 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Run Experiment 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Analyze Results 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Tools 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Multivariate 0/1

  • A/B Testing – SEO 0/1

  • A/B Testing – Interview Questions 0/1

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Mehmet Cem Demir is an artificial intelligence instructor and course content presenter at Academy Europe. He is an expert in instructional design and teaching. He supplements his knowledge in E-learning and Educational Technology by using AI and TTS elements.